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We work closely with all the key decision makers to build, maintain and enhance golf courses that deliver impressive results.

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We Work With

Golf Course Architects

Turfgrass® protects the brand of the Golf Course Architect long after the design and construction has taken place. We do this by:

– Site assessments / feasibility studies (water / soil / sand)
– Planning permission
– Construction specifications
– Grassing plans
– Golf course management plan
– Economic sustainability (budgets)
– Environmental management plans
– Construction Management
– Construction / grow -in Agronomy

We Work With

General Managers, Directors, Members, Committees

Turfgrass® ensures that your Club gets the maximum value from your budget by improving the efficiency of your maintenance programmes and your team.

– Audit – budgets, personnel, machinery, materials and irrigation
– Agronomy; Maximising the efficiency of maintenance to best condition the golf course at a given budget no matter how large or small!
– Improve economic sustainability
– Improve environmental sustainability
– Assist your Club with any future construction / agronomic requirements for redevelopment:
• Cost
• Timeframe
• Specification

We Work With

Superintendents, Course Managers,
Head Greenkeepers

Turfgrass® are a sounding board for all agronomic decision making by the Superintendent:

– Assist with communication / education with Owners / Members and Managers
– Advise on Irrigation / Nutritional Programmes / Aeration and Recovery / Topdressing requirements and volume per application
– Cultural practices / mowing heights and frequencies
– Reduction in pesticidal / fertiliser / water usage for an ecologically sustainable course
– Compile and improve existing Integrated Pest Management Plans (IPM)
– Advice on all categories of Best Management Practices and programmes to optimise performance
– Development and implementation of Strategic Plans
– Personnel requirements
– Appropriate machinery appraisal and selection
– Maintenance Facility Design / Storage and Functionality

We Work With

Resort Owners and Developers

Turfgrass® can take your golf development from inception through to opening and beyond. We have decades of experience with every item to achieve your vision.

– Full site analysis including feasibility for sustainable golf
– Cost analysis for construction, grow in and maintenance
– Assist with planning application especially environmental
– Cost analysis for operational budgets such as staff, machinery and materials
– Project manage golf course development from inception to completion
– Grow in and manage ongoing maintenance