Rory McIlroy

Private Golf Course

Golf Course Architect

Rory McIlroy

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  • Construction & Agronomic
  • Specifications
  • Project Management
  • Grow-in Agronomy
  • Maintenance Agronomy
  • Machinery Requirement
  • Golf Course Management
  • Recruitment

A premier private Golf Academy

In 2010, Rory McIlroy enlisted the expertise of Turfgrass® to establish a private academy within his residence. Taking charge of the project, the team managed the construction, grow-in and maintenance of Rory’s Academy. The facility boasts several distinct putting surfaces and bunkers meticulously designed to simulate the challenges of upcoming tournaments in Rory’s schedule. Notably, the golf course features grass types from renowned courses such as St. Andrews Old Course, Augusta, and Pebble Beach.


John and the team at Turfgrass assisted me with the design, construction and management of my residential practice facility. They produced some of the best playing surfaces I have experienced which is why I rate them as a trusted golf development firm.