The San Roque Club


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The San Roque Club
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Revitalising a historic golf course into a sustainable oasis

Since its establishment, the club has been the esteemed venue for various notable golf tournaments, including the Spanish Open in 2005 and 2006 and the European Tour Qualifying School. In 2020, the new owner enlisted Turfgrass® to oversee an extensive renovation of the historic Old Course. This ambitious project encompassed the installation of a cutting-edge irrigation and drainage system, a revamped bunker system and the creation of new tees, fairways, roughs and greens.

A pivotal aspect of the renovation was a commitment to environmental sustainability, emphasising turf area management for water reduction and conservation. More than 170,000 metres² of irrigated turf was removed from the course, combined with precision irrigation, newer grasses and technical management, allowing for a 60% reduction in water usage on the course. Remarkably, the entire project, from commencement to opening, was completed in just 11 months.