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Our team provide the very latest in agronomic science, technology and resources to ensure the highest quality playing surfaces. We work closely with our clients through their golf course’s evolution, from construction specifications through to tournament preparation, delivering agronomic excellence at every stage.


We custom produce agronomy reports post visit outlining condition, concerns and recommendations to support our client and help them meet their agronomic goals.

We work with clients through various phases of a golf course’s evolution including:

  • Construction: guarantee course is built to correct sepcfication
  • Renovation: ensure future zones are more efficent to maintain
  • Grow – in: maximise the given timeframe to produce quality conditions for opening
  • Maintenance: partner with the Greenkeeping team to deliver world class conditions
  • Tournament Preparation: vast experience with every facet from commencement to celebrations


We make Golf Courses more efficient to maintain. We review and critically evaluate all aspects of your golf course to help you optimise your operations and build a programme to suit your budgets and timelines.

We assess all existing aspects of the golf course:

  • Staff
  • Machinery
  • Conditioning
  • Materials
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage

VTC - Agronomic excellence at the touch of a button.

Whilst a virtual consultation can never replace an onsite visit, Turfgrass® VTC is a valuable service so that our clients can avail of guidance and expertise no matter where in the world they are located. A straightforward service where you can securely upload turf management data (images, lab test results, and programmes) to avail of a virtual consultation from your trusted agronomist.


Turfgrass® assist clients in finding quality turf professionals. We are on the advisory board of DPSM Consultant’s  to provide technical agronomy expertise, and work closely with The Ohio State University, Penn State University and European Turf Colleges, to place interns and recruit the best candidates for turf management positions.


We develop new golf courses, and renovate / relocate existing golf courses all across the globe. Our experience spans all aspects from permitting to opening, and everything in between. We also specialise in developing private golf courses and putting greens for high net worth individuals.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning applications
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Golf Course Maintenance


Since Turfgrass® inception we have been dedicated to environmental responsibility and very aware of the role that we play when developing and managing golf courses. We work closely with our clients to deliver an economically and environmentally sustainable golf course, while maintaining excellent conditioning to maximise the golfer’s enjoyment.

Water Conservation

We have a science-based approach to determine best practice and advise on:

  • Reducing irrigated turf areas.
  • Reduction in the % soil moisture required for a healthy plant
  • Proper design and maintenance of irrigation systems (precision irrigation)
  • Correct species: Selection of correct grass for climate, playability and budget.
  • Support with education and training.


We can update on the latest in innovations such foliar feeds for direct uptake and negate ground water contamination.

Naturalised Zones

Maximising out of play areas to reduce cost, pesticides and fertilisers.


(Integrated Pest Management) Our focus is to grow healthy disease resistant and stress tolerant grass by utilising the best natural control methods that have the least possible hazard to people, property and to the environment.

GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf

Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf have collaborated on over 30 projects across Europe over several years. Their partnership is focused on growing awareness of sustainability in and through golf especially in the areas of development, maintenance and agronomy.

Turfgrass® is committed to drive education, awareness and support, in conjunction with GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf, on all their projects to conserve resources and embrace environmental change.