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Sustainability Solutions

Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf have collaborated on over 30 courses across Europe over several years. GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf are the most widely endorsed international non-profit providing a highly credible and straightforward system of sustainability standards, project support and prestigious recognition for golf. 
Our partnership is focused on growing awareness of sustainability in and through golf especially in the areas of :
  • Development
  • Maintenance 
  • Tournaments

Turfgrass®, as an expert technical service provider to GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf, is committed to driving education, awareness and support on all our projects to conserve resources and embrace environmental change.

Benefits of going green on your golf course

There are multiple benefits to making your golf course “greener”. We all need to do our part in protecting the planet, and it can make even more economic sense to do so.

Together we can help you prioritise green initiatives related to:
  • Turfgrass surfaces 
  • Water consumption and efficiency
  • Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable use of pesticides
  • Equipment 
Helping you find solutions to minimise costs, preserve resources and reduce waste.
Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf can help your golf course devise and implement a strategy and plan to become more sustainable. We will advise you on how to make the necessary adjustments and improvements for both economic and environmental success. Facilitating recognition, by your members, employees and partners, of your commitment to ecological and social responsibility, elevating your course brand and reputation.

Some of our clients

Golf At Goodwood


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Killiney Golf Club


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Berkhamsted Golf Club


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Wentworth Club


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New Developments

GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf also provide clients with customised project support, streamlined reporting and credible communications for their golf course.  They help new golf developments plan deliver and confidently represent their true environmental and social value to governments, local authorities and the wider community. 
By working in partnership with GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf our clients can be awarded with the internationally recognised and highly credible distinction of the GEO Certified® Development mark – recognising golf developments driven by:
  • Nature
  • Resilient in operations 
  • Connected to true community values

Hoiana Shores Golf Course

Speak to us to learn more about developing a more sustainable golf course.

GEO Foundation is the international non-profit dedicated to advancing sustainability in and through golf. Working collaboratively across golf sport and more widely. GEO provides custom built services, programs and recognition for sustainable golf. This includes a suite of OnCourse® sustainability and climate action programs and tools for venues, tournaments, new developments, players and associations. Geo also assures the internationally accredited and endorsed GEO Certified® label – representing nature, conservation, resource efficiency, community and climate action.